Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Nicole Diary

Rainbow Water Decals 

Hey all, here we are, another day of the same routine, and good job I love water decals, as I have another set of rainbow ones from Nicole Diary. The third sheet from the collection of 4, these Decals are sea shell and nautical themed.
Sadly time was against me, and I only managed to do 2 different looks. The rainbow gradient shells are just so pretty. Like the previous ones I've tried, application was super easy and the final finish is very smooth.

For my second look, I have a blue and white nautical mani. Cutting these decals into smaller pieces for each nail, again the same easy smooth application and a striking look with a matte finish.

I have one more set of decals to try, and will do my best to use all 3 designs! You can find Nicole Diary on Amazon.comAliexpress,
Facebook and Instagram.
Stay safe and much love.....

Monday, 23 April 2018

Beauty Big Bang

Transparent Water Decals 

Hi and how was your weekend? Mine started good then went downhill really fast! On a happier note though hubby went back to work after almost 3 month off sick. We now have a diagnosis so things can be managed.
I love water decals, and my favourite are the transparent one, as you can have any base colour. Beauty Big Bang sell this pack of 24 sheets Black and White Decals. There is a nice mix of lace, floral and swirls.
They come packaged in a clear bag, item number J6372, and here's a quick look at them all.
For my mani's I've used a few sheets from these as the designs went so well together. I'll sow a more detailed photo of the water decals used.
First up we have the lace rose and full leaves, a perfect compliment, with my pink to white gradient, and leadlighted leaves.
These 3 lace florals are so pretty over a pink holographic polish, just look how well they go together!

Another 3 lace, but these all have a patterned edge. Here I've worn them over a blue and white gradient, showing you don't have to cover your whole nail. 

Lastly, some rainbow fun! And these 2 designs were perfect. It's hard to tell once they are on your nails they are from 2 separate sheets.

All in all these decals are great quality and value. Extremely versatile and as you can see you can mix and match the designs. Easy to use and apply.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are the best places to keep up to date with Beauty Big Bang and don't forget should you place an order then use my discount code TRAB10, with payment by credit card or PayPal and free worldwide delivery.
Stay safe and much love.....

Friday, 20 April 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Smiley Faces

Well hello there! Are you looking forward to the weekend as much as I am? It' funny thinking back when I only used to do my nails of a weekend, now It's through the week and I take the weekend off!
I'm sure you are aware that Friday is my Charlies Nail Art review day, and I have these fun Smiley Face Emoji Decals
You get 25 decals for 75p. They are 4mm in diameter and golden on both sides. They can also be bent to sit better on curved nails. 
I already had an idea in mind on how to wear these, it wasn't till I photographed them that I had another completely fun idea too!! 
Here's my first look...
I knew the gold would compliment a black base, and really pop. Applied with topcoat, the stuck well a very cute. Now my fun mani  :)
In the U.K. we have a potato product for kids called Smiles, and seeing these that's what they reminded me of ha ha.
Photo from Google Images
So I created a food look, using a 3D pizza slice, 3 smiles and a freehand egg and tomato
sauce bottle.
Just goes to show how versatile and fun these decals are!
Go check out Charlies Nail Art over on
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Stay safe and much love.....

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Moyou Nails Fashion

XL Stamping Plate

Oh yes now this is my weather, it's been getting warmer each day and the brilliant blue sky and warm sun not only makes me happier but perfect for taking photos. Yes I'm a summer person and love nothing better than a nice sunny day, music playing while doing my nails :)
I have tried the next XL Stamping Plate, Ethnic 5 from Moyou Nails Fashion. All the newest plates are available and on the website now, so go check them out! I'll get right into this review as I've done quite a few different looks. Here is what this plate looks like, and a few images I tested out.
Using Moyou Nails Fashion polishes and Clear stamper here are my mani's. I have to admit though I like them all, this one was my favourite. I thinned down pink and blue polishes with topcoat and filled in random spots, leaving some empty.

You can't go wrong with a blue on blue..
Black and Silver is another great colour combo and this spiral swirl image looks great.
Of course I just had to do a rainbow gradient, as Moyou Nails Fashion polishes are simply the best pigmented polishes and blend well for a quick and perfect ombre. Plus this patchwork styled design just made me think of something colourful.
Lastly something more classic and elegant with added gems just goes to show how versatile this plate is.
For any plates square or XL, polishes plus other accessories over on Moyou Nails Fashion website please use my discount code below.
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Stay safe and much love......

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Maggie Anne

Gel Effect Polish 

Hi guys, hope you are all well. It's so great to wake up to blue sky and sunshine! Oh how I've missed this kind of weather! So following on my my first Maggie Anne gel effect polish, I'm here with the second. This one is a beautiful creme finish gel effect. Again 6 free, vegan friendly and cruelty free. Just so you can see how great these polishes apply I made a quick swatching video. A bold bright pink called Aisling.
And to my photos...
11mls of polish in a square bottle. The large brush makes application so nice. Self leveling and quickish drying time. Perfectly opaque in 2 coats, though this one was very pigmented. A very pretty shade perfect for Summer. The glossy finish even before top coat is beautiful.

And do to my stamping test.. yes both Aisling and Emily stamp!!

Use my above discount code TRACEY to receive 20% off you order over on the Maggie Anne website. Plus check them out on Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter. You can also follow them on Google+.
Stay safe and much love.....

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Nicole Diary

Gradient Water Decals 

Hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go :) hope you are all well. I'm sure you can tell I'm in a good mood. Well that' because this week the weather is starting to get warmer, and being a summer person this really has lifted my mood!
I'm here again with another set of water decals from Nicole Diary, and for my first look I've made a quick video so you can see how awesome these look and are to use.
So this is the sheet I used today.

I won't waffle on with how I created this mani, as you can see it fully in the video below. 
For my next look I used the full leopard decals. On a white base I added some purple chrome pigment just for some extra depth to this mani. As you'll see in my photos I placed them differently on 2 nails and added some rainbow striping tape.

These decals are super colourful, easy to apply and very versatile. You can find Nicole Diary on Amazon.comAliexpressFacebook and
Instagram. Join me again soon for awesome set of gradient decals
Stay safe and much love....

Monday, 16 April 2018

Beauty Big Bang

Holographic Polish

Happy Monday peeps. The start of a new week, back to school too for my daughter and exciting times ahead waiting to hear if she gets the subjects she wants to study for her GCSE exams.
Following on from my previous post showing you shade 5 the stunning purple holo from 
Beauty Big Bang, today I have shade 6 item number J6414TM-6A.
This one is a gorgeous deep blue the the same stunning strong holo in direct sunlight.
Swatched with 2 coats and top coat and photos taken in the sun, shade and macro. Those that take macro shots please could you comment and let me know your tips and tricks as I struggle so much!

As you can see another beauty and quality polish. The brush is a good size and made application super easy. Nice quickish drying time and no streaking or dragging. I would recommend these holos to everyone 😊
Please use my discount TRAB10 over on the Beauty Big Bang website. You can pay by credit card or PayPal and free worldwide delivery.
Why not check them out on FacebookTwitter
and Instagram.
Stay safe and much love.....