Monday, 26 September 2016

The Edge Nails

Annika Nail Colour

Happy Monday guys. Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was a mix of family and relaxing, and also painting my nails with 3 new polishes I received to review from The Edge Nails. I have reviewed for them before, and was super impressed by the items I was sent. Then just recently I saw a post on Facebook, asking for bloggers to contact them with a chance to review some new polishes. I was lucky to be asked to test of some :)
The Edge Nails are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional nail care products in the UK. 
I received 3 stunning colours from their Annika collection, which has 30 colours to choose from.
How pretty does this picture look, a rainbow of colours and something for everyone. The bottles are 11ml, and although they have a square lid, this does come off to show a smaller lid. This shade is called Wild Side. A stunning Orange creme.
The brushes are a nice size.
Swatched here with 2 coats and topcoat. It's absolutely stunning, so Summery and juicy looking.

This is Bella Ballerina,  a delicate and elegant sheer pink. Swatched here with 3 coats and topcoat.

Lastly is Romance. A perfect name for a stunning red. A completely beautiful creme with amazing coverage.

These polishes are of a great quality and apply really nicely. They have a shiny finish without topcoat, and a fairly quick drying time. 
Be sure to check out The Edge Nails on
Stay safe and much love...

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Special Nails

Happy Birthday Mum

Hi guys, just a short post from me today as I had a busy family day out yesterday and today would have been my Mum's birthday. I always do a special mani in honour of my Mum. A very brave and amazing lady that was taken from us way too soon. She would have be so proud of her eldest granddaughter yesterday.
So onto my mani, I made a vertical gradient using VB Line Gel Polishes in white and pink, then stamped some pretty transcript from Uberchic Paris plate, and finished by adding pink rose water decals.

Have a great weekend, and as always stay safe and much love...

Friday, 23 September 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Spiders for Halloween 

Hi guys! With the months flying past I'm starting a few Halloween reviews, so it gives you plenty of time to purchase any of the bits I use. First up for Charlies Nail Art I have these Spider Water Decals. For £1 you get loads of single spider on a web decals, perfect for all nail sizes.
I went for a different look using these decals, and painted my nails with a thermal gel polish. The decals applied and stuck on my nails really well. First time trying with gel polish and so happy with how well these decals worked. You can see over the black these spiders look scary, but just look when the thermal changes colour...

Check out my video on IG to see the colour transition.  Perfect for Halloween, and I just love this look.
You can follow Charlies Nail Art on 
And use my discount code below to received 15% from your order. 
Stay safe and much love...

Thursday, 22 September 2016

VB Line Gel Polish

Neon Glitter Gel Polishes 

Hi guys how are you all? Can you believe this week is almost over and how close we are to the end of the month!! As promised from yesterday's post here are the next 6 Neon Glitter Gel Polishes from VB Line. Another bunch of pretty pastel colours packed full with both different size, shape and coloured neon glitters.
1290 Light Pink Neon Glitter 
1296 Milk White Neon Glitter
1297 Milk Purple Neon Glitter
Here I just wanted to show how the glitters pop under my LED lamp! Like a disco on my nails...
1300 Milk Plum Neon Glitter
1299 Milk Grey Neon Glitter
1301 Milk Pink Neon Glitter
These neon glitters were nice to apply and looked better with the second coat. The glitters are nicely dispersed over nails and lay flat so the overall finish is smooth and glossy. I do understand that these gels wont be to everyones taste, its all about personal preference. As I have a new found love for glitters polishes, thanks to VBLine gels, I can admit i do have mixed feelings on these particular gel polished. These polishes can be found over on or, and my discount code below can be used on either of these websites when you place an order.

I have some absolutely stunning Cats Eye gels for some upcoming posts.
Stay safe and much love...


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Pastel Neon Glitters

Welcome to you all, and I have some very pretty and delicate gel polishes to show you all from VB Line. These pastel colours are packed with different size, shape and coloured neon glitters.
1295 Light Purple Neon Glitter.
 1292 Light Blue Neon Glitter
1291 Light Yellow Neon Glitter
 1293 Light Green Neon Glitter
1294 Light Orange Neon Glitter
1298 Light Grey Neon Glitter

All swatched with 2 coats and top coat, curing in between each coat, the finish is completely smooth and lovely and glossy. These remind me of icing and sprinkles! Such pretty pastel colours that would be perfect for Spring and Easter. I'll have the next 6 neon glitters to show you tomorrow.
You can find these gels on or and don't forget to use my discount code below to get 25% off your order on either website.
Till next time stay safe and much love....

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Nicole Diary Stamping

Square Stamping Plate 

I'm slowly coming to the end of my smaller reviews, with this post being my last Square Stamping Plate ND109. This plate is full of some very delicate and elegant images, that can be used in many ways.
I have done 2 mani's that look completely different, yet both stunning. First up over a white base I stamped with a dark blue to create a Chinese inspired look. So crisp and clean.

For my 2nd mani, I painted my nails with a cream polish. Stamped different parts of the plate with a Brown polish, then coloured in with pastel colours. Applied the decals to my nails and cleaned up the excess. I decided to have a matte base for this mani, and I absolutely love it!
This plate I admit I wasn't too sure of, but so glad I have it in my collection. I know the season is changing, but this plate would be perfect for Spring. 
You can find Nicole Diary on Aliexpress 
and, also on Instagram.
Stay safe and much love...

Monday, 19 September 2016

Vivien Kondor

Water Permeable Polishes part 2

I'll get right into this 2nd post on these last 10 Water Permeable Polishes from Vivien Kondor. These are the last polishes I have swatched, but if you'd like to revisit any of my posts, I'll link them all at the end of this one.
Imperial Red
Barn Red
Pansy Purple
Satin Gold
Golden Beige
Rose Gold
Another selection of colours, with a creme and shimmer finishes. Some stunning reds, and neutral shades perfect for Autumn.
These were all swatched with no base or top coat, and 2 coats of colour.
Click here to see: Pink Rose Collection
                             Neon Collection
                             Holographic Collection
                             Bon Bon Scented Collection
                             Glowing Lavender Collection
                             Classic Collection
                             Water Permeable Part 1
Sadly I didn't have time to write a post for the Glitter Collection, but here's a collage of the 9 polishes.

You can find Vivien Kondor on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
The complete collection of polishes are of great quality and beautiful to apply with a nice quick drying time. You should really go check them out!
Stay safe and much love....