Monday, 27 May 2013

How to blog.

How I do some nail art.

Following my first ever video on how to stamp using MUA Nail Polish, I decided to do a how to post. My camera is good for photos, but I found it hard to do the video, but as I said it was my first ever! So anyway back to this post. I wanted to share with you, how I do some nail art designs, and I hope it inspires you to try. I will warn you now there are a lot of photo's coming up, and I'll explain each one as I go. I hope you all enjoy :) The first one is using Striping Tape, as I did for my nails inspired by The Great Gatsby.

First I painted the nail with two coats of Barry M gold.
Cut some Striping tape.

When completely dry, stick the tape on any way you like.

Paint with black polish. While still slightly wet, carefully remove tape.

The finished effect. Leave to dry, then add a top coat.

Textured Nails are the new big thing, but as I don't think I would wear it that often, as I don't like plain nails. So even though Zoya and Orly had some beautiful colours, they were far to expensive for my budget. Barry M also have a range now, but only pastel colours. So what I came up with, is so cheap, and you can do any colour you have in your nail polish collection :)

Nail painted with red polish, this one has no brand, name or number. Kids craft sand.

Paint the nail again, and while wet cover the entire nail with sand.

Leave for a few seconds, then tip off excess. 

One dry, paint with red nail polish.

I wanted to do a stamping how to, even though I did a video. The photos are much clearer.

Cairuo in orange and black stamping polish.

Konad plate m57, scraper and stamper.

Painted, scraped and stamped leopard image to stamper.Then applied to nail
that was painted with Cairuo Orange polish.

Pained, scraped and stamped leopard lace image to stamper, and applied to nail.

Finished effect :)

The final how to is Patchwork Nails. I've always wanted to try this design, and was so pleased with how it came out, I think this will be my next manicure :)

MUA in Bold Blue, Pistachio IceCream, Bright Coral and Strawberry Crush.

Painted each colour in random places on the nail. Looks messy at the moment, but just wait and see :)

Using black acrylic paint, and a small nail art brush, painted tiny lines over the join of each colour.
Top coat when dry. This looks so pretty.

I hope you all liked this post, and that it helps you in any way. If you have any questions, comment below and I'll answer them :) Or just let me know what you think. I'm no way a nail art expert, but learning along the way.


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Great Gatsby Nail Art

Nail Art inspired by The Great Gatsby

Saturday, and time to do another nail art design :) I wanted to something different today, so decided to copy the nail art I did the other day on nail sticks that was inspired by The Great Gatsby. I used  MUA nail polishes in Shade 10 and Stormy Skies, and some striping tape cut into small strips.

First I painted two coats of Shade 10, and let it dry completely, so when I used the striping tape it wouldn't pull the base colour off when I removed it. It was quite fiddly getting the striping tape in the right places, and making sure that each nail had a different design on them, and I cut enough tape to do both hands, but did one hand at a time. Once all the tape was stuck on the nails, I painted two coats of Stormy Skies, and on the second coat, while it was still slightly wet, carefully removed the tape with tweezers. Let it dry, and top coated it. The finished result is wicked :)

Would love to hear what you think, or have you done a design that was inspired by The Great Gatsby?


Friday, 24 May 2013

Sally Hansen Bargains

Sally Hansen Nail Polish

Hello, just a quick post today as I managed to get some more Sally Hansen nail polish :) Two from Poundland, and two from a market stall for £1 each. Went shopping for school shoes again, and wasn't looking for anymore polish, but these colours jumped out at me and I just couldn't pass on them lol. I haven't had chance to swatch them yet, but when I do I will add the photos to this post :)

Grass Slipper and Purple Pulse from Poundland.

Byte and DVD 
I'm loving the High Definition, they have a wicked shimmer, and somewhat a two toned colour effect.

Swatched with two coats.


Monday, 20 May 2013

Collection 2000 Water Marble

Collection 2000 Water Marble

Just a quick post about Collection 2000, now known as Collection. My selection of Collection 2000 nail polishes came from Cosmetic Fairy. I bought them originally just for water marbling, but as my nail polish collection has grown, I never got round to trying them out, until today :) I chose six different colours, that complimented each other well, and tried two different water marbling patterns. This polish worked beautifully in the water. Spread really well, and didn't dry too quick. I'm very happy with the results. So take a look :)

Stripe design using: Pure Red, White Ice and Ebony.

Petal design using: Hello Sailor, Pink Spirit and Peacock. 
Would love to hear what you think, or even if you've tried this polish for water marbling yourself :)


MUA Nail Polish

MUA Nail Polish

My first MUA buy was the single eye shadows, when MUA was first in Superdrug. I also bought bronzer, face powder, blusher and mascara, as back then I had only just stopped biting my nails. But since then I must have bought every shade of nail polish in the old style bottle :) So when MUA announced they were revamping the bottle I was excited. I had bought some of the newer colours in the old style bottle, and at first was only planning on buying the colours I liked, Lush Lilac and Bold Blue. But, as MUA nail polish is a great buy, and Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer, I bought more :) as well as three magnetic and two Mystical Glitter. The Love Heart Collection water marble really well, and I was keen to see how the normal polish would. So after swatching all the new bottles I have, and a few old ones, I tried water marbling. Also tried with the Mystical Glitter, and Magnetic, just to see. The results were fantastic :) The newer £1 bottle works better than the old one, although the polish will still spread in the water. Mystical Glitter and Magnetic were just as awesome :)

Stormy Skies, All Nude, Amaretto Crush, Deepest Purple, Bright Coral, Bright Pink, Lush Lilac and Bold Blue.

Frozen Yoghurt, Plum Noir, Shade 22, Top Coat, Shade 1 and Pistachio Ice Cream.

Magnetic: Regent Street, Mayfair and Piccadilly Circus. Mystical Glitter: Mermaid and Jellyfish.

Frozen Yoghurt, Plum Noir, Shade 22, Top Coat, Shade 1 and Pistachio Ice Cream, Stormy Skies, All Nude, Amaretto Crush, Deepest Purple, Bright Coral, Bright Pink, Lush Lilac and Bold Blue.

Water Marble: Stormy Skies, All Nude, Bold Blue and Shade 1.

Water Marble: Frozen Yoghurt, Shade 22, Plum Noir, Deepest Purple and Lush Lilac.

Now just look at how awesome these water marbling designs are, using the Magnetic and Mystical Glitter :)

Left: Mermaid and Jellyfish. Right: Regent Street, Mayfair and Piccadilly Circus.

Now I'm no water marbling expert, but I know that not all glitter polishes spread well in the water, so I was happily surprised when these did, and the two colours compliment each other beautifully. Trying the Magnetic polish was just out of curiosity, as obviously you use the magnet on the lid of the bottle to create a pattern, and water marbling with them, you don't need to use the magnet. Was really happy that all three colours spread so so well in the water, and the final outcome is the design looks somewhat metallic. This is a must for a manicure soon :) 
Would love to hear what you think, just comment below :)


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Nail Art Give Away :)

Nail Art Give Away :)

Yes that's right, I'm doing a give away of a selection of nail art bits :) I know I haven't been blogging for that long, so its only a small giveaway, as this is all new to me :)  I thank each and every one of you who have followed me, or even just looked. I'm having so much fun sharing my manicures and other nails bits with you all. So that's the reason behind this give away. It's open to everyone in the UK ONLY.

To enter just follow me on twitter and/or  bloglovin, also by liking my Facebook Page :)

Wishing you all luck :)

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

New Goodies :)

New Goodies :)

Just a quick post to share the new nails bits I got today, as part of my last ever haul.  I was expecting three bits, just waiting on delivery, the other two were items I wasn't planning on getting, but for the price couldn't leave in the shop ha ha. I got two nail plates from a web site called Light in the Box, from China. As I've said before, I love skulls, so chose two plates QA3 and QA4 with skull designs. Delivery was 16 days. Came packaged really well, I mean the box was so big, I wondered what was in it, wasn't expecting the plates to be inside! Haven't used them yet, but will very soon :)

As I wasn't happy with the yellow polishes from Cairuo or Maybelline Colour show, I bought another by Laval in Ultra Yellow. Thought it would be a sheer polish, but to my surprise its somewhat creamy. Streaked when applied, like most yellows do, but a really bright in your face colour, just what I wanted :)

The last two things I got, as I said earlier wasn't planning on getting. Took my youngest daughter to the shops to spend her pocket money, and we was in the Pound shop, when I noticed a brand new make up display. All types of make up, eye shadow, face power, blusher foundation, and of course nail polish. A brand I have never heard of  SUHADA. The nail polish came with two 9ml bottles, a colour and top coat, in a range of colours, in a pretty designed box. For £1 I couldn't walk by without looking lol, so I bought two. A French Manicure Set and a Nail Care Set, as for the colours, there was nothing shouting out buy me, and I have a rainbow of colours already :) When I get round to using them, I will do another full review.

Let me know what you think of my last buys..


2true Salon Shine Nail Polish

2true Salon Shine Nail Polish

I have totally run out of room to store nail polish now lol, but so wanted to try these new polishes from 2true. So today as Superdrug still had their 3 for 2 offer, I took advantage and got three :),  my last ever purchase for nail polish. Looked myself to see if anyone else has reviewed them, and haven't found anyone. So I'm happy to be the first :)
I wasn't sure how these would compare to the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine, so I got three colours I wouldn't normally chose, but still liked. Unlike the other 2true nail polishes these ones do come with names.

Mila, Taylor and Nicole.

Swatched with one coat.

Nicole is a very deep and beautiful shade of purple, bit like grapes lol. Taylor is a mid range pink, but not too bright. Mila is a bit darker than I was expecting, and as I wouldn't normally wear orange, think this one would make a nice rainbow, with other colours. But its still a nice shade. No streaking when applied, and one coat seems enough, but I reckon two would make them really pop. Has a wicked shine when dried. No top coat applied. I wouldn't say they are the same as the Gelly Hi Shine, so I would so recommend getting them :)

Nice size brush.


Fire and Flames Water Marble

Fire and Flames Water Marble

Hey :) hope your all well, I'm great. So excited as I got some new goodies to review. But first to today's manicure. I did mention last week that I had two designs in mind for my nails. Chose one of them for last week (Saturday nails blog) and have just finished the other one :). I've always wanted to to a fire/flame design. I love Tigers, skulls and flame designs. So I decided to try a water marbling a flame. Took a while to chose what colours to use, and ended up using a few different brands, La Femme, MNY Maybelline, Beauty UK, Wet n Wild and Accessorize. 

Le Femme Tangerine, MNY Red, La Femme Black, Beauty UK Yellow, Wet n Wild Clear and Accessorize  Ivory Lace.

I used Ivory Lace as a background colour. Beautiful colour alone, but what a pain to apply. So so streaky! Applied three coats, still wasn't that happy, but didn't want to spend all day painting with one colour lol. In a cup of room temperature bottled water I dripped tangerine, red, black, yellow, tangerine, black, red and clear, and carefully drew thin wavy lines. Its a good job no two fires are the same ha ha, but I'm pleased with the out come :) Let me know what you think.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Barry M nail polish

My favourite Barry M nail polish

Hey :) hope you are all well. Wanted to share with you all, my favourite Barry M nail polishes that I have. Now I love a bargain, but am also willing to pay a bit more for a nail polish, and with the new ones Barry M comes out with, I have to get :) Started with the crackle, bought the black and white, and loved them so much also got the blue and pink. With my collection slowing growing, I was looking for something different, and got myself two Barry M Chameleon nail polishes. Then a lovely coloured glitter, and finally two of the new Gelly Hi Shine, and when I purchased these I got a free polish too :) Now as with all Barry M polishes, the have great coverage with one coat of polish, and all of these are no different. The Chameleon ones are a beautiful metallic colour, that makes me not want to put a top coat on the change the colour lol. Gelly Hi Shine just rock, awesome bright and funky colours. 

Free polish, Magenta Glitter, Blood Orange and Pomegranate.

Chameleon Lilac and Chameleon Pink.

All swatched with one coat.

I put a top coat on the Chameleon to show the change, but beautiful, with or without. Gelly Hi shine speaks for itself :) The free polish is a wicked blue/turquoise colour, and shimmers beautifully. All nice to apply, no streaking, just an awesome polish.


Thursday, 16 May 2013

CR Cairuo Nail Polish

CR Cairuo Nail Polish

Hello :) I got the nail polish I was waiting on yesterday :) Cairuo, a brand I have never heard of before. I was looking for a bright yellow nail polish, as I wasn't really impressed the Maybelline Colour Show in Electric Yellow. Looks nice and bright in the bottle, but once painted on the nail turns a mustardy colour. So was looking on ebay for a brighter yellow, and came across this set of six bright nail polishes by CR Cairuo. Coat £5.99 with £2.99 P&P. Looked for a review on them, but found no one had on these colours, just some others by the same brand. They are a nice looking polish, with coloured lids matching the polish colour, but sadly the yellow wasn't as bright as I was hoping for. But still a nice lot of colours.

The only thing that puzzled me was the names lol, yellow is yellow, so why it has a sticker saying orange I can't explain. Which made me see if I could find the others to see if they too had different names. My search paid off.....they have apart from one. Not sure why they have different names, when they are the same colour, unless it a different supplier. I'll tell you the other names now, just in case you would like to buy these. Starting the the names on mine, and the other names I found.
26-Orange also found as Bright Orange.
30-Rose also found as Shocking Pink.
28-Strawberry also found as Fuchsia.
23-Green Tea also  found as Summer Green.
17-Blueberry also found as Sky Blue
15-Orange also  found as Sunshine.

As a polish, it was nice to apply. The yellow, as I think most are, was very streaky. I wouldn't say they are scented, but didn't have a normal nail polish smell. It was some what perfumery. Not the nicest of smells, but not overpowering either. 

Swatched with one coat.

Swatched with two coats.

A beautiful set of colours, just a shame the yellow wasn't as bright as the others. The blue was the only one that seemed to dry slight matte. What do you think? Let me know if you have any polish by Cairuo, and what you think of it. 


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Thread Nail Art

Thread Nail Art

Hello again :) I was sitting down yesterday, trying to think of something new to do as a nail art design. Something that as far as I'm aware no one has done before. Was harder than I thought lol. Then suddenly I remembered years ago when I used to do cross stitch, I still had some metallic thread that I won, and had never used. So that was my idea. Thread nail art. Painted four nails, two black, and two white. Cut different colours of metallic thread and tried random designs. 

Hardest cross stitch ever! But I love Tigers :)

Metallic thread.

Random designs.

The first two, after painting with top coat, I laid the cut pieces of thread at different angles. The second two, I wanted to see what bunching the thread together and dropping it on the nail looked like. Pretty pleased with the outcome, and most probably needs more practise lol, but still a nice idea. Let me know what you think :)
Have new polishes arriving soon to blog about :) so till then, have a great day xxx